Family Hotel Riccione

bimbi-riccioneIf your babies are happy, you are relaxed and satisfied …in our garden city You you can safely play with Your children , go biking ,walking or make short excursions. But best place to enjoy family life ,go to the beach: so carefully cleaned buy bath attendants.

That will rent You sun beds or beach umbrellas , you can go swimming with no worries about Your children…Riccione sea level goes up very slowly and only after 20 mt water became deeper:

In any case our local “Baywatchers” will be ready to help you … Back to the Hotel Antibes, You can leave your children to Barbara, for our daily AFTERNOON PARTY , free swimming lessons, swimming pools games. But for the lazy ones we have our exclusive Play Station Room : a special corner only for them!

Servizi dedicati ai nostri piccoli ospiti:

  • Play station,
  • Culle,
  • Seggioloni,
  • Posateria,
  • Baby sitter a richiesta.

In piscina:

  • Corsi di nuoto e giochi


  • menù e orari speciali,
  • seggioloni,
  • posateria e tovagliato.


  • culle, copri prese, spondine.